END! - Epilogue Pages 47 and 48

22nd Jan 2022, 11:00 AM in Epilogue
END! - Epilogue Pages 47 and 48
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Author Notes:

jamanning7 7th Jan 2022, 12:17 PM
IT'S OVER! This is the first comic I've completed that's over 100 pages long.

Sorry the epilogue took so long. It was a mistake to call it that since prologues and epilogues are sort of like standalone pieces. So really there's eight chapters instead of six.

I hope this comic made sense, not just events but the tone being uneven. I was making up almost everything except who the characters are, Silver Tower (I knew it'd be the climatic battle but not all the details), and an idea of what the final page would be.

What I learned: First is I really need to slow down even a little bit. Since I'm rushing the art most of the time, there's little improvement from beginning to end. Then it
could be more polished and detailed . Next is to compress the plot down so I'm not drawing things that don't go anywhere. I have some ideas for a next project, if it ever happens.

If anyone is reading this and followed the updates, I hope you enjoyed!